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Le civière qui facilite la mise en bière.

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100% biodégradable
100% fabrication française

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The DIGNITYBOARD© stretcher is created to bring comfort and hygiene to the funeral staff during the handling of a deceased person.

DBC Concept has developed and patented the DIGNITYBOARD© to make handling a body easier and less restrictive from the moment it arrives in the technical room until it is laid to rest.


When the deceased arrives at the funeral home, the body is placed on the stretcher which is already on the preparation table.
The thanatopractor then proceeds with the treatment and takes the stretcher by the handles (on the same side) to slide the body towards the presentation table.

Finally, the pallbearers proceed with the burial by grabbing the stretcher and placing the deceased in the coffin.
The DIGNITYBOARD© stretcher remains in the coffin with the deceased and becomes invisible once the cushion is folded back and the body is placed on the body.

Characteristics of the stretcher

Weight resistance. Actual tests performed up to 140kg
100% biodegradable. Compatible with crematoria.
Suitable for low temperatures.
100% Manufactured & designed in France.

Dignity preserved


Eases the burial process


Less penibility


Hygiene for the staff

More information 

For optimal use, please read the instructions for use printed on the stretcher.

Presentation and advice for use by a funeral professional.

Watch the video on how to fold the stretcher.